My endless source of inspiration

Yup, you guessed it. Elizabeth Zimmermanns work is my true source of inspiration. I love her books, patterns, video’s and her whole philosophy of knitting. It may come as a surprise that I haven’t actually knitted many of her timeless and lovely patterns (only about 12 Baby surprise jackets). But her tricks, methods and approach to solving the challenges of knitting constantly infuse my designs and knitting, day in and day out.

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2 thoughts on “My endless source of inspiration

  1. Same here! Lots of inspiration, especially to modify, customize, and design myself. . . but not so many actual EZ projects: 2 pairs basic socks, several Brioche watchcaps, a Dubbelmossa, 2 Maltese Fisherman’s helmets, and *mini* versions of several of her sweater architectures to give as Christmas ornaments.

    Somehow, I think she may have liked it that way!

  2. Love all those baby surprise jackets! I haven’t knit many of her patterns either — something I’ve set out to rectify this year!

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