What a process

In the fall of 2008 I published my first knitting book in Iceland along with my knitting friend Halldóra Skarphéðinsdóttir. The book “Prjóniprjón” became a great success in Iceland as it was one of very few non-lopi knitting books published in a long time (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE lopi and use it in many of my designs… but at the time knitters were hungry for a greater variety). One of my patterns in the book is a little sweater called Noro meets lopi – I guess you get the idea. This is a lovely bottom-up raglan originally knit with Lopi light and a strand of kid-mohair and Noro silk garden for the cuffs and collar. With the Knitting Iceland website being launched in (hopefully) just a few weeks, I decided to make an adults version of the sweater. The decision also comes from the encouragement of the many knitters that have already knit the kid’s version. So, happy times, designing successes and joy… I thought. But no. The process of resizing the sweater has turned out to be such agony, pain and bother. Firstly… the proportions of kids and adults are SO different. I really like designing for kids, so most of my stuff starts out fitting 6 year olds (or whatever the age of my daughter at each point in time) and just recently I have started to experiment with resizing these quick knit little lovely garments to fit adults. But these past weeks I really have considered just to stick with the little people… or maybe design my adult sized garments for adults from the start (in fact, the ones I have done that way have turned out pretty darn good). But I shall not give up. My test knitted prototype (although knit by a non-swatching, non SSK-ing test knitter) is now in the hands of a very talented tech editor so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. On the BW picture below you can see my son Hlynur wearing the prototype… amazing how good you can make less than perfect garments look on pretty models!

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