Knitting events in my town

I live in Reykjavík and the city seems to be totally consumed by knitting events these days. In fact the whole country is obsessed with knitting … this is the Icelandic way of doing things I guess. The nation is so small that crazes tend to spread at the speed of light – be it household appliances, flat screen TV’s, or like in the recent “dark” years, monstrous vehicles that pollute the streets and private jets. However you can’t help but loving the knitting craze. It’s soft, friendly, productive, creative, healthy, colorful… I could go on for inches. There are lots and lots of knitting events held on a monthly basis or even more often. Here are just a few:

The Saturday group at Nálin, handcraft store. This is a group I started in cooperation with Helga Jóna, the very talented owner of Nálin (my favourite LYS) in the beginning of 2008. A small but hardcore group of knitters meet up every other saturday for some quality knitting time. We welcome curious visitors and passers by.

The knitting café at bookstore Eymundsson, Austurstræti. Knitting Iceland just recently started cooperating with Eymundsson on these monthly gatherings. I function as the hostess of the mostess. Each time I teach a knitting trick or two and give my reviews on a couple of knitting books or magazines. Eymundsson offers knitting stuff on special discount for knitters these evenings. You are welcome to join us the second thursday of every month at 8pm.

The many churches in town have been very active lately in setting up regular knitting cafés. I live just around the corner from Bústaðakirkja Church and live next door to Pálmi, the priest in charge. Last autumn he got the idea of a collaboration around a knitting café for the knitters in the neighbourhood. We have since September hosted monthly gatherings, the third Monday of each month at 7.30PM. Welcome!

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