Alana’s podcast

I’m sure many of you knitters out there are familiar with Alana Dakos and her website/podcast Nevernotknitting. Alana is also a very talented knitwear designer and sells her patterns online. I have been a devoted follower of Alana’s blog and podcast for quite a while now… I never get tired of listening to her themesong – much to my husband’s joy! In fact Alana and I have become online knitting friends over the past months resulting in some of her work being published in Icelandic by the monthly knitting publication Saumaklúbburinn. Alana has been following my knitting ventures as well and together we came up with the idea of featuring Knitting Iceland in her May podcast. So, today we did a Skype interview! This was so much fun. The connection was great so it was just like sitting besides each other going on about the thing we love in common, knitting. I told Alana about Knitting Iceland, how it all started and what projects we have in store, including our DVD’s, books, knitting tours, hand dyed Icelandic wool and more. Make sure to check out Alanas site in May and sign up to win a nice prize from Knitting Iceland. (Of course I will post a reminder here once the show is online).

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2 thoughts on “Alana’s podcast

  1. mtmom on said:

    Sounds like a nice cooperation, Ragga. Congratulations on your premier in podcast-land!

  2. Just listened to the podcast and so thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak and to learn all about your venture. Tours sound so wonderful!

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