Some patterns of mine

I decided to collect my published patterns on a special page on my site. Please check them out and see if you find anything interesting. Many of my patterns have only been published in Icelandic so far but I’m slowly but surely getting around to doing some translations. So the ones I post here are at least available in English and Icelandic… and some in French and Swedish as well. Who knows… maybe I will add Spanish, German and Japanese one fine day! Click here to get to the pattern page.

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One thought on “Some patterns of mine

  1. Hi, Ragga,
    I’ve just found your blog, I remember knitting an Icelandic sweater when I was a teenager, I remember using Alafoss Lopi wool and I found the pattern recently.
    Delighted to see that you are working to maintain Icelandic knitting heritage!
    I’ll be back.
    Liz in Ireland

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