Summer of knits… on my needles

Some past summers have been low knitting times for me. But not this time, yay! My knitting spirits have totally been up to speed the whole summer. I suspect it’s thanks to my wonderful job as the manager of Knitting Iceland, where everything on the job is about knitting. So just to give you an idea, here’s what’s been on my needles this summer (since finishing Freyja):

A Brynja sweater – she is the (fraternal) twin sister of Freyja, similar but not the same. Wonderfully shaped and designed by my business partner Hélène Magnússon. The Brynja pattern will soon be available on the Knitting Iceland website. I chose purple and crazy green for mine. Will post picture soon.

A cardigan made from Alpaca and lambswool from the lovely Isager company. I love how they produce different types of yarn and don’t give you any needle size on the labels. I think this encourages knitters to think a little. I’m using a lovely burnt orange/red colour for this project. The cardi will probably be size 7y (my daughter’s age right now), it’s a flaired shape in stockinette with seed stitch sleeves and button bands… not sure though if I will put buttons or something else. Will post pattern soon.

A BSJ (or two or three). The one on the needles right now will fit a 1-2 year old, so it’s kind of big for a BSJ. This one is for my sister who just had a lovely baby girl, Nicoletta. The yarn is Sirdar Baby Bamboo, it has a lovely drape and texture, needle size 5mm/US8. So many babies are on their way now so I will continue with the BSJ’s.

A girly silk dress for my daughter. Don’t be fooled by the silk though – this is the rough/raw type almost like cotton. I’ve knitted a dress from this type of yarn once before with very nice results and it has endured many years of use and machine wash. This one is not quite finished… I’m not sure about the shape this time so I just might make some changes.

A leafy scarf made from cotton on 5mm/US8 needles. This one is published in the Icelandic Saumaklúbbur – a subscribers club for knitters and like minded. The club is becoming very popular around here and has some really nice patterns each time. I will soon make this pattern available for purchase in English.

Ladymitts from lovely Highland wool by Isager. Also a pattern published in Saumaklúbburinn.  This is also inside the translation machine right now…

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