A new year – so much to knit

Happy new year everyone! I bet many of you knitters out there had the letters K-N-I-T somewhere in your new year resolutions. I’ve heard from so many of my knitting friends these past days. All want to knit more in the new year, one wants to knit more stitches than she unravels, three are focusing on sweaters and larger projects, one is knitting only for herself this year, one is only knitting from her stash… One of my resolutions is to finish a few projects I started during 2010. And to publish more of my Lopi designs… OK I know “publish more” doesn’t count as a “SMART” objective. But as you probably know, time is relative when it comes to knitting. Sometimes it seems so easy to simply finish fantastic projects, write up patterns, do the math and sizing and publish (for crying out loud)! But other times time just seems to vanish so fast. While I find this puzzling, my near and dear would probably say it’s due to the number of projects I’m juggling at each time… ah! Please feel free to comment and tell about your knitting plans for the year 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A new year – so much to knit

  1. Berglind Inga on said:

    Knit more, frog less. So far I’ve frogged 2 sweaters that were almost done (about 80%) so I’m a bit behind on the knitting. BUT, frogging those sweaters were part of one other new year resolution: Finish what I’ve started OR frog the ones I’m not going to finish and use the yarn for something else 🙂

  2. Glori on said:

    My resolutions for this year are to work on one project at a time so i actually finish what i have started and do 1 sweater.

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