Faroe Islands

Went to the Faroe’s. What a life changing experience. It’s simply LOVELY!

The trip was a part of the planning process for this summer’s knitting tour that will take us along the South coast of Iceland and over to the Faroe Islands by boat.

I stayed in Thórshavn, the smallest capital of the world (total population in the islands is 50 thousand) and on Nólsoy, an island just outside Thórshavn where my good friend and designer Katrína í Geil lives with her family and her 9 sheep. Everyone on the island (population 250) and basically all families living outside Thórshavn have a few sheep. They grow their own meat and some process their own wool. Sustainability!

Her living room floor is neon pink!

The local people wear beautiful hand knits that you can see all over (similar to the endless versions of the Icelandic Lopapeysa in Iceland). The traditional patterns are SO beautiful. Here are Katrína’s son and husband on the ferry that took us from Nólsoy to Thórshavn. I noticed that their sweaters had the same pattern but in different colors – none of them had thought of it before. It’s a Nólsoy pattern.

Thórshavn is such a charming mixture of the modern and the past. The old houses are SO beautiful and the people are SO nice. The restaurants are excellent, the museums are wonderful and the smell of the ocean feels like home (Reykjavík, Iceland).

The knitting stores are lovely. The Faroese knitting heritage is super interesting and the traditional patterns are AWESOME (am I overusing this word?). Modern designers and brands like Jóhanna av Steinum and Guðrún og Guðrún are also taking the tradition to a new level.

I was so lucky to be invited to a traditional Faroese chain dance event in Nólsoy. Now THAT was a life changing experience. The dance includes simple steps, almost like a physical mantra, that everyone can manage and the songs preserve old tales and stories. They meet every week during the dancing season and dance for 2 hours – everyone is included. I had a 9 year old boy to my left and an 85 year old lady (a knitter of course) to my right.

During the break the local knitting club showed me some of their lovely work. I’m so lucky!

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2 thoughts on “Faroe Islands

  1. WOW!! I’d love to go to the Faroes, almost as much as Iceland! WHat an interesting post, with lovely photos. I need to save harder so I can go on one of your knitting holidays 🙂

  2. Mig hefur alltaf langað til Færeyja, og nú langar mig enn meir!;)

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