My goat


This is my goat. She is an Icelandic Cashmere goat, of the ancient and endangered Icelandic goat breed. Her name is Ragga, just like me. She lives at the farm Háafell where goat farmer (and a wonderful and warm visionary) Jóhanna takes the best care in the world of her flock and her rose garden with 160 different types of roses. I get to visit Jóhanna with my knitting tourists, both on my group tours and day tours. I’m her fan! 

Jóhanna is really struggling to keep her farm and continue to preserve these wonderful animals. You can support her by adopting one of her goats. Her website is only in Icelandic but I’m happy to help anyone who is interested by being a goaty go-between. 

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One thought on “My goat

  1. What would be required to adopt a goat?


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