Meet Sonya Philip

Introduced cross continents by our mutual good friends WonderMike and Stephen hizKnits, met for the first time in February 2012 on my trip to San Francisco, found out we had about 173 things in common.

Sonya Philip is a fiber artist with a spectacular sense of connecting delicate fiber and knits to uninteresting objects of daily life. Thus she brings new life to stuff any one of us would simply trow out (or recycle of course like a decent person). She’s also a spinner, she sews amazing dresses and just has this massive aura of creativity all around her.

Here are some photos I took in Sonya’s studio, located in an über cool old mayonnaise factory in the Mission district of San Francisco. You can read more about Sonya and her projects here.

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One thought on “Meet Sonya Philip

  1. You are too, too kind. It was such an amazing treat to meet you and 173 things in common indeed!

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