Coming up

Guys! There is so much to tell, so much going on, such inspiration and fiberly awesomeness. At the moment I’m graced with the presence of my San Francisco boys Stephen Hizknits wonderful knitwear designer and his awesome partner and photographer Chris Hall, on Friday my insanely superduper knitting rockstar bff Stephen West is coming and bringing with him the dancer turned knitter duo Steve and Kyli, that you surely know by now as members of the Westknits Funsquad, AND if that wasn’t enough, on Tuesday the super fashionable fiber trendsetter stylist and designer Cirilia Rose is joining us along with her friend Jenna, who I’m sure is totally awesome too. I’m overwhelmed with excitement – thus the record breaking long sentence… We’re all going to be attending the Iceland Airwaves music festival AND we’ll be shooting photo’s for a new Westknits/Ragga collaboration that you will hearing more about soon. Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Coming up

  1. Rosemary Guttormsson on said:

    I’m finally knitting Freya for myself. Using the unspun Lopi that I purchased in Neenah, WI in April!

  2. Kathy Heili, Appleton, WI (from Neenah Masters 2012 on said:

    Hi Ragga — I still have my Lopi waiting for a pattern for a top down icelandic. I am obviously not as clever as you in translating a bottom up to a top down. Thanks, Kathy in Wisconsin.

    • Raggaknits on said:

      oh Kathy, you are probably much more clever than you want to think!! I saw you girl! But good news is that some sweet top down lopi patterns are just about to be released!

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