Pro time

would be knitters lolSo knitters, this you need to know! Vogue Knitting hosts amazingly inspiring and fun knitting conferences in USA a few times each year. Just go there!!!

This time the paparazzi got into my class (lol). This was published in the Seattle Times the morning after. Here are more photos from the event. I had no idea the smiling bearded photographer was not from Vogue, so it was kind of funny to wake up to this superflattering photo of your’s truly. The headline is of course the funniest part since the women I’m teaching are all VERY seasoned and talented knitting goddesses and the photo was shot probably during the only 2 seconds we weren’t laughing for the whole duration of the class. Anna Dianich is of course the owner of Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation, WA (just go there too… ok? OK!), Karen Templer is the woman/whiz behind the tasteful and lovely Fringe Association blog and Mica Lorenzen who was just awesome in the class but I don’t know much more about her.

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One thought on “Pro time

  1. The things lazy journalists manage to leer out…at least it gives us a laugh! (or swear, or both). But they were right aboit the pro-part! You rock!
    I am so envious about the knitting conferences. The Norwegian knit sceene is rather boring in that respect, although the Danes have more stuff going on and it’s certainly closer to home…

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