Feel free to drop Ragga a line with inquiries on classes, lectures or other fun projects. Also if you should run into trouble with one of her patterns, please don’t hesitate to holler:

Ragga is of course on Ravelry (raggaknits), Facebook (raggaeiriks) and Linkedin (Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir)

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20 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bonnie on said:

    I enjoyed your interview on “Never Not Knitting” and now I am even more excited about my up coming trip to Iceland. Sadly I’m afraid I won’t have enough time there to really see and do all I would like since I will be on a cruise ship. Two days in a country were everyone enjoys knitting just won’t be long enough. One of the Knitting Iceland tours will certainly be on my list of things to do in the future!

  2. Janet S. on said:

    Hi Ragga! I just got your DVD. The information about cast-ons, cast- offs, stranding, steeking and grafting is very good. I especially liked the segments about Icelandic Wool (loved your sheep!) and the Icelandic Sweater Inspirations. You gave me so much confidence, I ordered my sweater kit! While I’m waiting, I’ll practice suggested techniques. Thanks so much. Your are a wonderful teacher and a great representative for your country.

    • Raggaknits on said:

      Hi Janet
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I’m so glad to hear that the DVD is inspiring you and adding to your confidence. We have received your order for the Freyja knitting kit… I hope it reaches you quickly and really look forward to see the result 🙂

  3. Hi Ragga.
    I am going to visit Rekjavik next weekend.(11-13.02). I hope to find a yarn shop to visit. I would be very happy if you could give name and adress of a shop or two. When do the yarn shops close at saturday?

    • Raggaknits on said:

      Hi Kari!
      Check out my post on Knitting Iceland’s facebook page about what a knitter can do in Reykjavík. You are also very welcome to drop me a line ( if you have specific questions.
      Enjoy your stay!

  4. Thank you, Ragga. I hope I get enough time off so I can reach one or two of your tips.

  5. scott on said:

    Ragga I recently rec’d your dvd and found it so helpful and entertaining. You and your “family” did a great job. I just completed my first Lopi – I posted it on Ravelry under “sherlome”. Do you have many guys knitting in Iceland? I would think Lopis would have strong “guy appeal” since they are bold, bulky, and quickly knitted. They model your beautiful sweaters but I don’t see them knitting them. I discovered Lopi at my knitting shop – SheepStreet in Morgantown, INdiana – while taking a Norwegian sweater class.We are visiting Iceland in September and hope to visit all the knitting hotspots you’ve mentioned. Thank you for sharing your joy and gift of knitting. Scott from Hope, INdiana, USA.

    • Raggaknits on said:

      Thanks SO much for that lovely comment. Stay in touch before you come for your September visit. I can give you good knitterly tips and you’re very welcome to stop by at the Knitting Iceland HQ. I think your thoughts about lopi sweaters appealing to men is very interesting… will follow up on that!

  6. Cynthia on said:

    Loved the interview on NNK. I’m dying to join the trip, especially with Franklin going, but October just doesn’t work for any teacher in the USA. Please consider a summer trip next year! I’d be first in line.

  7. Jeannie on said:

    Love this site! Question for you… I am looking for a pattern for slipper socks knit with lopi. They have a snowflake pattern all over. I was in Iceland 2 years ago and bought some for my daughter from a local knitter. They have been worn so much they are falling apart, and I would love to knit her new ones. Any ideas?

  8. Angela on said:


    I am so enjoying knitting Freyja with the un-spun lopi I ordered from you.

    I was looking through Michael’s photos of the amazing trip he and Stephen and Franklin just took, and I am obsessing about the Icelandic sheep depicted on the grey sweater on the left of this photo:

    Iceland Day 1 - Sheep Farm!

    (The one I am interested in has the sheep around the waist, not on the yoke.) After searching around a bit, I haven’t found a chart of pattern anywhere. Are you familiar with one, or is this likely a motif someone worked up themselves? I could attempt to chart it out, but I was hoping a chart already existed.

    Thanks so much!

  9. Marianne hørby jørgensen on said:

    Hi Ragga you refered to a yarn shop in London once and i cannot find the adress on Tour HomePage anymore (somewhere in South London?). As i’m going to London on friday i Will be happy if you could give me the. Adress.

    ALL the Best

    Marianne Cbh dk

  10. Sandra Hendee on said:

    Ragga: You stopped by the Coffee Shop today in Edenton, NC. I had not idea we were in the midst of a knitting celebrity. I cannot tell you how we enjoyed your enthusiasm over our benches in the Cupola House Gardens. You have no idea ( or maybe you do !) how thrilling it is to have someone as experienced as you show such interest. I have just scratched the surface of your many talents on line and will venture further into your illustrious career. It was a special day for us…..glad you happened by the Shop…

  11. Clara Edman on said:

    When you knit, do you wrap the “feeding” strand around the left hand or the right hand? I have always wrapped it around the left forefinger. When I see instructors wrapping the strand around the right hand I am totally lost. I have been knitting since I was about most of my life and that is how I was taught plus I always knit the first stitch of each row and lift the last the last stitch.

    • Raggaknits on said:

      I knit Continental style- with the working yarn in my left hand. The other most common style is English or throwing – where the yarn is carried in the right hand and “thrown” over the needle. I sometimes switch to rest my hands 🙂

  12. Karen Wenk on said:

    My daughter and I are registered for your Icelandic Chevron Mitten class at Vogue live in NYC. Will we need to purchase the required yarn before we come or will it be possible to buy it there?

    We are really looking forward to it!

  13. emilye on said:

    Ragga –

    My yarn came today!

    I am soooooo excited, now I can finish my “Top Down Icelandic Sweater”! Yay!

    And then get started on Freyja, yippee!

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, Ragga. Hope your swing through the Midwest is going well.

    Loopy for Lopi today,


  14. Jo Ann Stewart on said:

    Hi Ragga, Just found your site. My mother was full Icelandic, so, that makes me 1/2. You make me wish I could come over and have you for my neighbor!!! Do you have a scarf pattern for a begining knitter? (my grandfathers name was Bjarne Davidson) wish I could trace our ancestors over there. Thank you, Jo Ann Stewart – Arizona, USA

  15. Hi Ragga – I love your designs and wondered if there’s any reason why Iðunn could not be knit with unspun Lopi? I don’t have the nerve to knit Freya and cut a steek! Many thanks – AE

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