Freyja was published by Knitting Iceland when the website aired in May 2010. It’s in fact a little welcome present for all the lovely knitters visiting our site. Knitted in the round from the versatile unspun lopi, Freyja is a fun pattern with clear and easy to follow instructions. Download Freyja from the Knitting Iceland website or visit Freyja’s Ravelry page to see all the different versions in different colors, so cute!





Made from the luxurious un-spun lopi from the women’s collective Þingborg in the South of Iceland. But using regular Icelandic un-spun plötulopi also works out fine. See the selection in the Knitting Iceland Etsyshop.  Here it comes in English, available for free through my Ravelry store. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD NOW





The Candy Raglan

The Candy Raglan is a lightweight sweater knitted in the round from the top down. It’s made from Nammi, the hand dyed Icelandic wool I developed for Knitting Iceland. The Icelandic wool used has unique qualities being airy and warm at the same time. This has proved to be the perfect little sweater for my daughter… she loves the colour, as she picked it out herself, and it’s not too bulky either. Nammi is available in the Knitting Iceland EtsyshopDownload the pattern




Lush Lava

A simple, yet fun, shawl/wrap pattern suitable even for the unexperienced lace knitter. The lace pattern consists of only one type of decrease and one type of increase. This is a good example of how you can knit up an intricate looking piece without too much trouble. The yarn recommended is Nammi, but as with other shawls it’s easy to switch if you please. Download the Lush lava pattern



Traditional Icelandic three cornered Shawl

This lovely and versatile little garment is a traditional Icelandic shawl in it’s simplest form. On old pictures Icelandic women are often wearing them over the shoulders and tied around the back, just like Rúna in the picture. The method can be used with a wide variety of yarn and needles but I prefer a fingering or lace weight wool with oversized needles. The yarn shown here is Nammi, hand dyed Icelandic wool available in the Knitting Iceland Etsyshop. Oh, and the pattern is in Icelandic and English. Enjoy!  Here is the pattern. 


4 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Hi Freyja,

    Congratulations on the success of your tours. The lone Aussie, Debra Hinton has submitted an article for publication in the December issue of Yarn Magazine. She speaks very highly of you and Evelyn and the tour. I had a look at your site and thought….hmm….would you mind if we printed Freyja in the magazine? It is a gorgeous pattern and ties in with the article very nicely, plus it would get you extra publicity. Do you think it is do-able?

    With Thanks
    Michelle Moriarty
    Editor & Publisher
    Yarn Magazine (Australia)

    • Raggaknits on said:

      I just replied to you by email. It would be great to have Freyja published in your mag… I also checked your website -looks very nice and I would really like to read the magazines you publish!!

  2. Hello! I would love to knit Freyja, bit I can’t find the free pattern. Coupd you please send me a copy?

    Have a nice day in Iceland.

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