Ragga likes

First of all – the number one resource on the Icelandic knitting and the organizer for fabulous knitting tours to Iceland: Knitting Iceland

And I love Craftsy and the amazing work they do for craftsters everywhere. Here is my Craftsy class on the Top-down Icelandic Sweater.

I love teaching at fabulous yarn shops, such as: A Verb for Keeping Warm, Purl Soho, The Yarn Company, Brooklyn General Store, Fancy TigerThe Tangled Web, Conversational Threads, The Yarn Lounge.

My (and Knitting Iceland’s) Etsy shop. The place to buy Nammi, knitting kits, my DVDs and Icelandic wool.

A few podcasts about knitting. My favorites include: The Fiberbeat with the magical WonderMike, Never not knitting by my sweet friend Alana Dakos and Cast on by the woman with the voice I want to listen to all day long, Brenda Dayne.

Oh and let’s not forget my friends and collaborators, Stephen West, Cookie A, Amy Singer, Ysolda, Annie Modesitt, Shannon Okey, Dragonfly fibers, Heather Dixon, Sonya Philip, Cirilia Rose, Clara Parkes… and the list keeps getting longer.


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