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Pro time

would be knitters lolSo knitters, this you need to know! Vogue Knitting hosts amazingly inspiring and fun knitting conferences in USA a few times each year. Just go there!!!

This time the paparazzi got into my class (lol). This was published in the Seattle Times the morning after. Here are more photos from the event. I had no idea the smiling bearded photographer was not from Vogue, so it was kind of funny to wake up to this superflattering photo of your’s truly. The headline is of course the funniest part since the women I’m teaching are all VERY seasoned and talented knitting goddesses and the photo was shot probably during the only 2 seconds we weren’t laughing for the whole duration of the class. Anna Dianich is of course the owner of Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation, WA (just go there too… ok? OK!), Karen Templer is the woman/whiz behind the tasteful and lovely Fringe Association blog and Mica Lorenzen who was just awesome in the class but I don’t know much more about her.

Iceland and knitting · Knitting classes · Lopi knitting · Teaching · Travel

VK Live Seattle coming up

A tiny Lopapeysa

I’m so very excited about going to Seattle to teach at Vogue Knitting Live this coming March. I’ve only been to Seattle once before for a conference (in my previous pharma-marketing life) and caught the flu on the flight in. So I spent the whole week really, really sick in my hotel room. A very comfy room it was… but I had much rather explored this fun city.

If you haven’t been to a Vogue event before you should totally try to go… also if you have been to other Vogue events you’ll probably want to go anyway because they are so very awesome. I’m already counting the days!

The classes I’ll be teaching are: Iceland Upside Down (where you knit a tiny Lopi sweater top down), Speed Steeking, The Little Lopi Hoodie (a full day class), The Little Lopapeysa and Icelandic Chevron mittens. Plus I’ll be giving a lecture on the Icelandic knitting culture. Hope to see you there 🙂

Knitting classes · Knitwear designers · Lopi knitting

Maren on The Killing

I like to watch TV shows and I LOVE Nordic crime series. The Killing is the American version of the Danish series Forbrydelsen – a really, really good example of a successful remake. In the original version the main character Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) wears amazing hand knit lopi sweaters (not the classic yoked Lopapeysa, but sweaters made with the Icelandic lopi wool) by the Faroese brand Guðrún & Guðrún but in the US version the leading lady Sara Linden (Mireille Enos) wears various beautiful handknit sweaters throughout the 3 seasons.

So picture this, I’m sitting in the comfort of my down town Reykjavík home, watching the exciting finale of season 3 when my sweater design suddenly appears on the screen! I screamed out loud, I was so surprised. The sweater is a modified version of my Maren sweater that is only available through enrolling in my class on Craftsy, named after my sister Maren Freyja Haraldsdóttir. It’s a lovely pullover, navy blue, white pattern with a few yellow stitches for accent.

Here is a still of Detective Sara ,and her partner Detective Holder, wearing Maren:

Sara Linden

As you know I live on a tiny island in the North Atlantic so one of my journalist friends picked up on this after I franticly posted the “news” on Facebook and did a little interview with your’s truly about all of this.

I tried to contact the costume designer, Jori Woodman, to ask how this came about, but she hasn’t answered. Maybe one day I’ll know the truth, but until then I’m one happy designer 🙂


Craftsy, ooo yeah!

Ragga's Craftsy classSo what’s up with my class on Craftsy? Well there are over FOUR THOUSAND students enrolled in the class – a fact that totally blows my mind! I’m no longer answering the questions myself, but there is excellent support offered by the Craftsy staff and of course other users. If you’d like to join the group and knit my Maren sweater you can buy the class at a discounted price by clicking on this link. You’ll have access to all the class material whenever you are connected to the all-mighty internet, you’ll be able to get advice and help from your peers and the uber-friendly Craftsy staff, you’ll be able to post pictures of your knitting and look at what others are doing and of course you’ll get the pattern for Maren, only available to my Craftsy students. Feel free to share the discount link with knitters/friends who you think might like the class 🙂