Ragga is an experienced knitting instructor and has published DVDs with knitting techniques and instructions. Her second DVD was published in December 2010 – this time around it’s all about the traditional Icelandic lopi sweaters and in two languages, Icelandic and English. It’s called Knit your own Lopapeysa and can be purchased online.  The first DVDs was originally produced in Icelandic but will soon be available in English.

Raggas firm belief is that knowledlge liberates the knitter. That’s why she likes teaching the little techniques and tricks such as numerous different ways of casting on and off, different styles of increases and decreases and countless other bits and pieces that all enhance the knitter’s ability to tame the thread.


Party tricks for knitters
-knitting skills that will make your fellow knitters go wooooaaah!

More party tricks for knitters
-more tricks for the eager knitting tech-geeks

Top-down cardigans
-learn to understand and appreciate knitting from the top

-a class covering techniques for knitting traditional Icelandic Lopi sweaters

Basic lace
-discover that lace knitting is probably easier than you think!

Please contact Ragga ( if you are interested in offering her classes at your LYS or attending one of them.


4 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Lukka Sigurðardóttir on said:

    Hæ Ragga,
    Mig langar svo að læra Rósaleppaprónið.. ég á bókina hennar Helene en er ekki nógu klár til þess að vinna úr henni ein. Þær í Nálinni á Laugarveginum sögðu mér að þið væruð stundum með námskeið í Rósaleppinu.. Ég vona að þú getir hjálpað mér!
    Með fyrirfram þökk,
    Lukka -6612616

  2. Diana Davis on said:

    I am learning how to knit in the Icelandic style. I am located in Adelaide, Australia. Please notify me when your DVD is available in English.

  3. Lucinda on said:

    I love the little Lopapeysa and I am interested in your DVD. Where may I purchase these? Thank you I live in Southern California

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