Basic lace

-discover that lace knitting is easier than you think
Duration: 3 hours
Material: fingering weight yarn
Needles: 1mm larger than recommended for yarn
Techniques covered: Cable cast on, double needle cast on, reading lace patterns, basic lace math, use of stitch markers, lifelines, fan and feather pattern, spider pattern, chevron pattern, loose cast off.
Written material: technique instructions, pattern charts, notes on choosing your yarn and on blocking.

3 thoughts on “Basic lace

  1. MaryAlice Denson on said:

    I’m not sure how I am supposed to find out about this class, and is it on the web or in person?

    • Raggaknits on said:

      Hi Mary Alice
      All the classes I offer are offered for groups or individuals. I teach mostly in Iceland but occasionally elsewhere in the world. You can catch me in New York in January 2011 and the Faroe Islands in September 2011… just to name something. Please send me an email if you would like to book a class or get more information:
      Best wishes from Reykjavík,

  2. kirsten on said:

    Hi Ragga,
    I’ve heard of you from adrienne who visited you recently. We have babies around same age here in Brooklyn. Id love to learn lace knitting if you’re in nyc this year or next.

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