The little Lopapeysa

Class level: intermediate
Duration: 3-4 hours

In this class Ragga shares her knowledge about the Icelandic wool and the classic and popular patterned yoke sweater that symbolizes Icelandic knitting in many knitters’ mind, the Lopapeysa.

The class consists of practical information about lopi knitting and the knitting of a tiny classic Lopapeysa containing all the elements of a full sized one. Through knitting the miniature version participants will learn techniques necessary to knit a Lopapeysa of any size. Participants receive written instructions containing a pattern for a tiny Lopapeysa and various tips and tricks about Lopi knitting.

During the class Ragga tells the participants about the Icelandic knitting heritage and how Icelanders have truly been a nation of knitters for centuries.

Techniques covered: German twisted cast on, rib increases, working in the round with the magic loop method or DPN’s, combining sleeves and body for the yoke, stranded knitting of the yoke pattern, yarn management for stranded knitting, decreases in yoke pattern, loose cast off for neckline.

Supplies list: 50 yards of Lopi light in a light color and approx. 10 yards in a contrast
color, US5 32” circular needles (bring DPNs if you like them), a piece of scrap yarn, darning needle, crochet hook size C or D.


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