The little Lopi hoodie

Class level: intermediate
Duration: 4-5 hours

Lopi hoodies were really popular in the seventies and continue to be so nowadays. In this class you’ll learn to knit a tiny hooded Lopi sweater plus you’ll get to steek it. The class contains all the techniques you’ll need to know to knit and steek a hooded sweater of any size and of course Ragga’s expert tips on Lopi knitting and care of Lopi garments.

Techniques covered: Provisional cast on, yoke shaping, stranded knitting with 2 colors, dividing yoke into body and sleeves, loose cast off, shaping with symmetrical decreases, three needle bind off, crochet steeking, finishing tips and techniques. Participants receive written instructions and a pattern for a tiny top down Lopi sweater with a hood. During the class Ragga tells the participants about the Icelandic knitting heritage and how Icelanders have truly been a nation of knitters for centuries.

Supplies list: 55 yards of Lopi light in a light color and approx. 10 yards in a contrast color, US5 32” circular needles (bring DPNs if you like them), a piece of scrap yarn, darning needle, crochet hook size C or D.

2 thoughts on “The little Lopi hoodie

  1. Do you have this class on DVD and/or pattern with full directions? I’m especially interested in how to add the hoodie. I can’ make your scheduled class at Vogue Seattle 2014 but if you will be teaching anywhere near the Seattle area please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hi Anna. To date I only cover hoodies in face to face classes. Keep checking in… who knows what I’ll be adding in the future. For now I can tell you that I’ll usually knit my sweaters top down from the neckline – that includes hoodies. The cast on I use is either a backward loop cast on or a provisional cast on. That way I can easily pick up stitches and add a hood from the neckline up.

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